Shane previously worked in industry for more than 30 years, working for many leading multi national corporations as well as small indigenous Irish companies. Ten years ago he made a significant career change into counselling and psychotherapy. Over these ten years he has worked in many different government, and charity based Clinical settings, such as ISPCC, The Loughrea Family Resource Centre, The Galway City Partnership, and Pieta House. He also developed a private practice, in Galway City.

Today, Shane continues to work in private practice, specialising in relationship, career, and family counselling. Along with a private practice he provides a service to EAP Consultants Ltd. a company specialising in brief therapy to businesses and the commercial sector in Connacht region. Shane is also contracted to the Health Service Executive (HSE) and works two days a week in the Midlands.

My purpose is to provide a safe and confidential counselling service. Therapy can empower you to create experiences, which allow you to fully engage with life and so, realise your true potential, and happiness. At the core of therapy we work to experience insight and clarity to what is really happening. While at times therapy can be a difficult process it can also include a sense of satisfaction, compassion and humour.

Counselling generally does not lead to dramatic overnight changes, although it can be very relieving and calming to talk to some one who is professionally trained and impartial. What you can expect from therapy is a process of connecting to the real you and the needs that may not have been met for some time.

This process is supported by a therapists who is non judgemental, and compassionate. I will help you explore what is happening in your life through a process of cognitive and emotional understanding.

This can be a challenging and sometime scary process, but can led to a place of clarity and insight. It is from this place of clarity and insight that you can make decisions that are more likely bring contentment to you life, leaving you with a feeling of greater strength and greater freedom.

We create the world we live in.

If life is not working the way it should be and you would like to experience it differently, or you are unsure what it is about your life that you would like to change, then give me a call.

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