Individual Therapy

Lets be honest, going to see a therapist, or even considering talking to a therapist can be scary.

We only consider therapy because we know something is not right. Often because we are not quite sure what is wrong.

I don’t have a fixed approach, a one size fits all; I meet you where you are. I bring my professional training, my experience, but also compassion, insight, and humour to where you are.

We work together to establish what your priorities are. You don’t get advice, you won’t be judged. You are the expert on your life. The therapeutic relationship is designed to empower you to the make the best decisions for you. In therapy you have a safe and confidential space to use the anxiety and pain you feel to create the life you deserve.

Creating Bonds
Coping with Loss
Valuing Yourself
Carpe Diem, Seize the Day
If this sounds like it will help you, give me a call.

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Galway, Ireland