Relationships go through very distinct phases of development.

I work with couples experiencing difficulties that are specific to their stage of development.  Love and desire can create a relationship,  but as it deepens relationship offers us the opportunity to heal past wounds and achieve personal growth. Relationship can be a satisfying and safe way for both partners to realise their potential. In a committed relationship it is often unconscious needs and past wounds that are behind conflict.

I use an active and non judgemental approach to help Clients voice and name their needs. We create a collaborative approach to resolving conflict, an approach that respects the needs of both partners.  Relationship therapy looks to re-establish or deepen, more committed more loving, and meaningful connection.

Together through Challenges
Trust and Connection
Positive Ageing
Coping with Change
In therapy couples we work on communication, individual needs, and positive connection to realise the dreams and hopes for your relationship.

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